Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008

Tumi Frequent Traveler 22" Zippered Expandable Carry On

Luggage is not sexy, and even though the Tumi people did their best to make the Frequent Traveler look good — it's covered in the company's signature 'ballistic nylon,' which at least sounds cool—what makes this the damn-near-perfect carry-on is it's aggressive practicality. The larger of the two front exterior pockets fits a 17" inch laptop snugly while the other is perfect for magazines and books. The suit sleeve actually fits three suits, and manages to keep them wrinkle-free. The case has zippered-expansion that was clearly designed to skate along the fulcrum between frantic last minute bag stuffing and cramped overhead space. Every zipper feels like it was forged by hand, and the telescoping handle clicks with the elegant force of the side door of a BMW. This is a carry-on you can go to war with. List Price: $595

Josh Tyrangiel