Thursday, Jul. 24, 2008

75. Breaux Greer

United States
Age: 31

He's the best javelin thrower in U.S. history, having medaled at the 2007 World Championships (the Scandinavians rule the sport). Despite a torn left ACL, Greer notched the longest throw in Athens — 286 ft., 3 in.— though it came in the qualifying round (he finished 12th). He's struggled this year with a shoulder injury, but is working hard to get it healed by Beijing. Boring. Here's the fun stuff: he sports a wacky 'do called the "Breaux-hawk." He has competed barechested. He told ESPN the Magazine he had a backup plan if he didn't make it to Beijing. "I think I'll do porn," he said. "That's something I know I do well." So many athletes treat the Olympics so seriously. You can't blame them; the Games are a life's dream, perhaps a ticket to riches. But it's nice to have the Greers around. "Dude, I throw a stick," he has said. "Come on. I get paid a pretty good salary to throw a stick."