Gears of War: Inside America's Incredible Military Arsenal

From high-tech stealth bombers, to the latest night-vision rifles and assault helicopters, the U.S. armed forces have the most sophisticated military hardware in the world. Here are some of the niftiest pieces of equipment used in recent missions from Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya to the Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan. More »

  • Army Air War Over Afghanistan

    The U.S. Army is sending this trio of tiny unmanned aircraft to Afghanistan to let troops know where the enemy is lurking, and then handing off the mission to kill them to other aircraft. More »

  • Bin Laden Raid: Pakistan

    From high-tech dog vests to massive helicopters, this is just some of the equipment used by U.S. Navy SEALs to bring down Osama bin Laden during operation 'Neptune's Spear' on May 2, 2011. More »

  • Anti-Terrorism Missions: Pakistan

    The ongoing (and as yet unnamed) mission to find and take out terrorists in remote areas of Pakistan features this daunting array of drones and other stealth aircraft. More »

  • American Aviator Rescue: Libya

    These super-agile helicopters and jets were featured in the undercover rescue of a pair of F-15 aviators who were forced to bail out of their plane over Libya on March 21, 2011. More »

  • Operation Odyssey Dawn: Libya

    In the early days of the March 2011 mission to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, the U.S. military led the NATO effort using these heavily-armed aircraft. More »