Person of the Year 2000


For a proud son of a one-term President could there be a more humbling path to power than this? George W. Bush is TIME's Person of the Year. More »

  • Home On The Range

    The Bush ranch is the way he likes to see himself — rugged and thoroughly Texan More »

  • Learning Curve

    The campaign changed George Bush. Did it change him in ways he needs for Washington? More »

  • How He'll Heal

    It was a strange, troubling ride to victory, and it could get bumpier. How will the new President heal the wounds — and tame the Congress? More »

  • Exclusive Q&A

    Frank talk about his priorities, race, wrong ideas about him, and Al Gore More »

  • Runners-Up

    He helped contest this election, beat Microsoft and win a reprieve for Napster, thus becoming a symbol of the Lawyering of America More »

  • People Who Mattered

    A Florida custody case — over a boy, not ballots — roiled the nation. A college dropout's neat idea changed an industry. And a First Lady achieved a spectacular firs More »

  • Photos: The Year in Pictures 2000

    TIME selects the year's most compelling photos More »

  • More Stories

    A look into more stories from the Person of the Year 2000 magazine issue More »