What's Next 2007

Illustration for TIME by Brian Stauffer

No one can see the future. But there's no harm in some enlightened and educated guessing. TIME presents a thinking person's guide to the year to come. More »

  • Science

    NASA's next-generations rocket. Medicinal Ecstacy. The Secrets of the Universe. The next prescription drugs. A new mission to Mars. More »

  • World

    Castro's death. The year ahead in Iraq. Goodbye, Tony Blair. Revolt in rural China? The next Taliban offensive. More »

  • Business

    Barbie + your iPod=the hottest toy of the year. Microsoft and Yahoo! merge. A big deadline for globalization More »

  • Nation

    The year's big Supreme Court decisions. Nevada is the new Iowa. Liberal Christians flex their electoral muscle. What's up with daylight saving time? More »

  • History

    A 400th anniversary for America. The new Seven Wonders of the World. More »

  • Sports

    NASCAR on rocket fuel. A super-elite athlete is born. Weird sporting events. The $2.1 million teenager. Why Federer won't fade. More »

  • Technology

    The iPhone launch. Halo 3 and the next Sims. Forget YouTube, here's Joost. Lightbulbs of the future. More »

  • Arts

    Five blockbusters that aren't sequels. The big building of the year is underground. Radiohead reboots. Philip Roth's next great novel. More »