Cool Tech 2004

Three cheers for iPod mania! And that's only the start of our guide to the hottest, newest products in personal tech. More »

  • More Music

    New ways to rock your world, at home or on the go More »

  • Hot Boxes

    Computers for every member of the family, full of power—and pizazz More »

  • Picture Perfect

    Film is dying, but shed no tears. The newest cameras are better than ever More »

  • Geek Gadgets

    Nifty devices to delight and amuse your inner techie More »

  • Web Head

    Tech toys for those who, at work or play, spend most of their life in front of the computer More »

  • Dream Calls

    Today's cell phones shoot video, play music and organize your day. Ignore the sticker shock—most carriers offer fat rebates More »

  • Screen Magic

    Home entertainment now goes way beyond TV. Are you ready to invest in a whole new experience? More »

  • Play Time

    From tiny digital tops to wily kung fu bots, kids get the darnedest things More »