Tech Buyer's Guide 2006

David Muir / Photodisc / Getty

High-def TVs? Cheaper. Cell phones? Smarter and thinner. Video games? Sweeter. It's been a great year for all things electronic More »

  • Portable GPS Navigators

    They're small enough to go where you go and show you the way there More »

  • Cell Phones

    Cell phones, fun. Cellular service providers, boring. Get the best of both worlds More »

  • Cameras

    Three very different cameras combine simplicity with professional perks More »

  • Audio Gear

    Beam it, stream it, block it out or blast it out loud. How to master the soundtrack of your life More »

  • iPod Gadgets

    It may well be the perfect music player, but you can still pimp your 'Pod with all kinds of high-tech accessories More »

  • Laptops

    Apple or Microsoft? The world of software is a mouse divided More »

  • Video Games

    The game is on with five new ways to play More »

  • HiDef Video

    You've waited patiently for years. Is it finally the right time to buy an HDTV? More »