Fall Fashion Week 2008

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Paris: Back to Black

This season it seems that few are willing to take the kinds of fashion risks that seemed so easy just six months ago. The shock of chic will have to suffice More »

  • In Paris, the Shock of Chic

    The Paris fall, 2008 collections confirmed that a more subdued, razor-sharp, chic vibe is coming back into fashion, displacing last season's softer more romantic mood. Kate Betts picks the top 20 looks of the week More »

  • Decoding Milan Fashion

    In a week that didn't hold many surprises — and with lots of talk of a sky-rocketing Euro and an impending recession — the best fall, 2008 collections focused on Italy's strengths: tailoring, craftsmanship, and unusual fabrics. By Kate Betts More »

  • Fashion Horrors in London

    Inspired by everything from horror movies to Maggie Smith in The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie, London designers took a few risks for Fall, 2008 and came up with some inventive—if rough-edged—collections. More »

  • Tightening Fashion's Belt

    For fall, 2008, New York designers played it safe, offering buttoned up looks, classic sportswear, and a new emphasis on the waist. Here, a look at the 20 best looks of the season More »

  • Paris Couture: Still Riding High

    What recession? That was the mood at the Paris Haute Couture spring, 2008 collections as designers celebrated the glorious excesses of handcrafted clothing and the focus was on color, craftsmanship and youth More »

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