Weekly Web Guide: Feb. 4, 2002 Issue

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Among the news stories covered in the Feb. 4, 2002, issue of TIME are the Winter Olympics, George Bush's approval rating, mammograms and the actress Jennifer Garner.

The following are web destinations related to those stories.

(Return each week to time.com/webguide for the companion to the current issue.)


TIME.com's 2002 Olympics Coverage Can't forget the home team, with a photo history of memorable Olympic moments and an archive of TIME covers featuring Olympians

Coca Cola: 2002 Olympic Torch Relay The official sponsor of the nationwide relay includes dates and locations, plus a listing of runners by state

Olympics Security FAQ From the official site of the Games, answers to frequently asked questions regarding security, such as, What is being done to protect from threats from the air?

Utah.com: 2002 Winter Olympics Guide From the official travel site of the state of Utah, information on tickets, lodging, venues and more


C-SPAN Survey of Presidential Leadership Historians rank every president from Washington to Clinton on such categories as crisis leadership, international relations and moral authority

Can Bush Hold a Lead? Dick Morris wonders if the President has something in common with the New York Jets

PollingReport.com A resource on trends in American public opinion

The Pew Research Center Includes survey results, polls cited in the news and commentary


CDC Health Topic: Mammograms All about the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

Mammograms' Worth Put to the Test A Seattle Times news item from December 2001

Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention A collection of resources from Lycos

The Breast Cancer Site Founded to help offer free mammograms to underprivileged women nationwide


E! Q&A With Jennifer Garner Though her character on Alias is weighed down by a double life, the actress is all smiles

Jennifer Garner Community A bio and pictures

InStyle: Steal Jennifer's Garner's Look How to style yourself just like the TV star

Esquire: Women We Love What's not to like about Jennifer Garner?

ABC TV: Alias The show's official site


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