Weekly Web Guide: Jan. 21, 2002 Issue

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Among the news stories covered in the Jan. 21, 2002, issue of TIME are Michael Jordan, a proposed national ID card, an overload of award shows and the investigation into Enron's downfall.

The following are web destinations related to those stories.

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Jordan Items on eBay If his name or face is on it, it's probably available

MJ's Official Site Every franchise must have one. This site is more style than substance

Flight Times: A Michael Jordan Timeline A TIME.com special from September 2001

TIME Archive: Michael Jordan See all related articles published in TIME since 1985



The Case for a National ID Card It's not very American, says TIME.com managing editor Richard Stengel, but it's not a bad idea

Oracle Boss Urges National ID Card And Larry Ellison offers to donate the software to make it possible

National ID Cards A portal of media coverage and resources on the hotly debated topic

Why Fear National ID Cards? An editorial by Alan Dershowitz for the New York Times

Threat of National ID An editorial by William Safire for the New York Times


American Music Awards

Academy Awards

MTV Video Music Awards

Emmy Awards

Blockbuster Awards


Frame-a-Stock: Enron Purchase the nearly worthless stock framed for only $60

Enron Field Tour the home of the Houston Astros

Enron Cartoons Top cartoonists take their cracks

TIME Archive: Enron See all related articles published in TIME since 1985


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