TIME Poll Results: Americans' Views on the Campaign, Religion and the Mosque Controversy

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8. Turning to the Islamic religion, would you say that the Islamic religion is more likely than other religions to encourage violence against nonbelievers, less likely, or about the same as most other religions?

More likely: 46%
Less likely: 6%
Same as other religions: 39%
No answer/Don't know: 10%

9. Do you personally know any Americans who are followers of the Islamic religion?

Yes, know: 37%
No, don't know: 62%
No answer/Don't know: 1%

10. In general, would you say that most Muslims in the United States are patriotic Americans who believe in American values, or not?

Are patriotic Americans: 55%
Are not: 25%
No answer/Don't know: 21%

11. As you may know, a group of Muslims in New York City has announced plans to build a community center and mosque on private property two blocks from the site where the World Trade Center stood. How closely have you been following this issue?

Very closely: 32%
Somewhat closely: 36%
Not very closely: 17%
Not at all: 15%
No answer/Don't know: 1%

11 a. Some people say that building the Muslim community center and mosque near the World Trade Center site would serve as a symbol of the country's religious tolerance. Others say that building the mosque near the World Trade Center site would be an insult to those who died on 9/11. Which comes closest to your view, or do you agree somewhat with both views?

Serve as symbol of religious tolerance: 23%
Would be insult to those who died on 9/11: 44%
Agree with both: 27%
No answer/Don't know: 6%

12. Overall, do you favor or oppose the building of the Muslim community center and mosque near where the World Trade Center stood?

Favor: 26%
Oppose: 61%
No answer/Don't know: 13%

13. What if the following religious groups proposed building a community center and place of worship two blocks from your home. Would you favor or oppose it?

Favor: 73%
Oppose: 18%
No answer/Don't know: 9%

Favor: 78%
Oppose: 14%
No answer/Don't know: 9%

Favor: 55%
Oppose: 34%
No answer/Don't know: 10%

Favor: 65%
Oppose: 24%
No answer/Don't know: 11%

14. Has this debate over the Muslim community center and mosque made you more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate for Congress in your district, a Republican candidate, or not have any impact on your vote one way or another?

More likely to vote for a Democratic candidate: 7%
More likely to vote for a Republican candidate: 14%
Not have any impact: 74%
No answer/Don't know: 5%

15. Do you think that a Muslim should be allowed to ...

Run for President of the United States?
Yes: 61%
No: 32%
No answer/Don't know: 7%

Serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?
Yes: 65%
No: 28%
No answer/Don't know: 7%

16. Do you personally believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim or a Christian?

Muslim: 24%
Christian: 47%
Other: 5%
No answer/Don't know: 24%

This TIME magazine poll was conducted by telephone Aug. 16-17, 2010, among a representative national random sample of 1,002 Americans, ages 18 and older, throughout America. The poll includes limited interviews with cell-phone respondents.

The margin of error for the entire sample is approximately +/- 3 percentage points. The margin of error is higher for subgroups. Surveys are subject to other error sources as well, including sampling coverage error, recording error and respondent error.

Abt SRBI Public Affairs designed the survey and conducted all interviewing. The full TIME poll questionnaire and trend data may be found at Abt SRBI.

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