Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

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Mike Segar / Reuters

Republican vice presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin holds her baby Trig.

Track, Willow, Trig, Bristol, Piper. Meet the Palin brood! Apparently liberal Hollywood celebrities are not the only ones who like to give their children offbeat names (in order: a thing you run on, an 80's George Lucas film, a field of mathematics, a town in Connecticut, and a type of plane).

Enter the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. The directions are as simple as moose pie. Type your first name, click enter, and some sort of formula spits out your very own Palin-esque name. I'm Wood Corps Palin. My sister Chelsea gets rechristened Tape Boise Palin. My brother Brandon? Tarp Lazer Palin. Wood, Tape, and Tarp: baby names you could use to build a temporary outdoor shelter. Very Alaska. The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

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