Stalin's Daughter Lana Peters

Stalin's Daughter Lana Peters
Keystone / Getty

With Lavrentiy Beria, 1935
As she grew older, her relationship with the Soviet Union grew strained. When she was a teenager, her brother was captured by the Nazis; when they offered to return him to the U.S.S.R. in exchange for a German general, Stalin refused and her brother was put to death. After attending university, she married a fellow student and began working as a history and Soviet literature teacher, both against her father's wishes. She married again, to Stalin's associate Andrei Zhdanov, in 1949, but after Stalin's death in 1953, she adopted her mother's maiden name of Alliluyeva, and began to travel outside of the country. This 1935 photo of her with Lavrentiy Beria, chairman of the NKVD, precursor to the KGB, was taken in Stalin's garden.

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