Near Death, Nuns Contemplate the Other Side

Photographer Mae Ryan interviews the Sisters of The Convent of Mary the Queen, a home for aging nuns in the Bronx
Mae Ryan

Sister Jude
How did you feel when you entered the Sisters of Charity?
Sister Jude: I just felt that I would like to be in the atmosphere and the life of young people that had the same attitude toward God that I had. I felt that was my place. You just get a feeling sometimes. It's like an attraction. You say, Why do you like a yellow dress? It's nice. You can't explain it fully, but something drew you to that. As a teenager you think you would rather do that or go out on dates or have a binding engagement or something like that. There wasn't any attraction there for me. God will draw you to where he wants you, unless you step in his way.

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