Top 10 Guerrilla Artists

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Joseph Carnevale / AP

Going My Way

Joseph Carnevale, 21, is appearing in court July 21 for having too much fun on the job. In May, the part-time construction worker (and history major at North Carolina State University) hacked up traffic barrels to build a 10-foot, orange-and-white Frankenstein. Raleigh, N.C., police were not amused. They dismantled Carnevale's roadside "barrel monster" — posed with thumb extended as if to hitch a ride — and charged him with misdemeanor larceny and destruction of property. Carnevale's employer, Hamlin Associates, was not so concerned, saying the value of the publicity far exceeded the $360 worth of barrels sacrificed for the sculpture. "We've had a fair amount of vandalism, but never anyone turn it into art," company president Steven Hussey said. "If we'd known he'd do that good of a work, we'd have given him the barrels."

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