Top 10 Guerrilla Artists

top 10 guerrilla artists Barrel monster Banksy Jean-Michel Baquiat Shepard Fairey Iz the Whiz Blek le Rat Graffiti Research Lab Iz the Whiz Palestine graffiti group Iz the Whiz Mark Jenkins Paul Curtis AKA The Moose

Street Fighter

Mark Jenkins knows how to elicit a double take. Best known for the whimsical street sculptures he creates using packing tape, he has exhibited his work in galleries from Brazil to Europe to Japan and teaches "tape casting" workshops. "There is opposition, and risk [in street art]," Jenkins told the blog in 2008. "It's good for people to remember public space is a battleground, with the government, advertisers and artists all mixing and mashing, and even now the strange cross-pollination taking place as street artists sometimes become brands, and brands camouflaging as street art creating complex hybrids or impersonators."

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