Top 10 Celebrity Funerals

Umm Kulthum
Left: HOWARD SOCHUREK / Time Life Pictures / Getty

The Nightingale of the Nile
Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum had a career that spanned half a century and a signature song, "Inte Omri" ("You Are My Life"), that ran for 57 minutes. Kulthum was so beloved that when she died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1975 at age 76, millions of wailing mourners flooded the streets to vent their grief. Heads of state sent letters of condolences to her family, airlines and trains scheduled extra trips to accommodate the flood of fans, and an estimated 1 million people followed her funeral procession through the streets of Cairo. Kulthum remained one of the top-selling artists in the Arab world long after her death.

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