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<b>60 Minutes, 1968</b>

60 Minutes, 1968
In this age of twitter, blogs and always-breaking cable news, it's easy to forget that the pressures on long-form journalism are actually old problems. When legendary CBS producer Don Hewitt launched 60 Minutes four decades ago, he was on a mission to give more attention to stories that had previously been crunched and dumbed down to fit into the networks' evening news. But from the first seconds of its signature ticking stopwatch to the last ramblings of Andy Rooney, 60 Minutes consistently sets the standard for enterprising, in-depth TV journalism. And whether they're showing off hidden camera footage or brandishing documentary evidence of government malfeasance, no segment would be complete without the well-lit in-depth interviews that have made correspondents like Morley Safer and Lesley Stahl as famous as the news stories they've covered.

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