Tornado Flattens Suburb Outside Oklahoma City, Kills Dozens

Monday, May. 20, 2013

Violent winds destroyed homes, businesses and schools in Moore, Oklahoma, on Monday, leaving its residents reeling.

David Beckham Announces Retirement

Thursday, May. 16, 2013

The former Manchester United and England soccer captain calls it a day at the age of 38. He's the only English player to have won championships in four countries, and helped raise the profile of the sport in America by playing for the LA Galaxy.

Angelina Jolie: Actress-turned-Activist

Tuesday, May. 14, 2013

These images show just some of the globe-spanning good deeds done by the actress-turned-human rights activist

Barbara Walters: Career in Pictures

Monday, May. 13, 2013

The groundbreaking television anchor announced Monday that she'd retire in 2014. After 52 years on the air, many of her fans can't remember the news without her.

Scenes from Pakistan's Historic Election

Monday, May. 13, 2013

Despite violent attacks that left dozens dead, Pakistanis turned out in large numbers to vote in the country's first democratic transfer of power.

Bangladesh's Industrial Accident: Scenes from a Terrifying Tragedy

Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2013

An eight-story block housing factories and a shopping center on the outskirts of the Dhaka collapsed on April 24, killing more than 1,100 people

Up in the Air: World Migratory Birds Day

Friday, May. 10, 2013

May 11th and 12th mark the annual celebration of World Migratory Birds Day, a world wide event to increase awareness around protecting these species and the environments the inhabit.

The Illustrious Career of Alex Ferguson

Wednesday, May. 08, 2013

From Scottish soccer pro to knighted manager of the world's most valuable sports team, Alex Ferguson, who announced his retirement on May 7, enjoyed astounding success.

Spreading Wildfire Threatens Homes on California Coast

Friday, May. 03, 2013

Authorities this week battled fast-moving flames devouring thousands of acres of brush and threatening hundreds of homes along the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County.

The Empire State Building: An Icon in the City

Wednesday, May. 01, 2013

How do you know that you're in New York City? Yellow cabs, pushcarts, the electric pulse in the air might all tip you off - but catch sight of the Empire State building and you have, unmistakably, stepped into The Big Apple.

Rare Photos for Willie Nelson's 80th

Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2013

Willie Nelson, who turns 80 today (born April 30, 1933), is one of those musicians who manages to comfortably straddle very different worlds.

Never Mind Icarus: The Solar-Powered Plane is Here

Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2013

At the Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in California, the Solar Impulse company has engineered the HB-S1A solar-powered airplane.

Dutch Abdication: Willem-Alexander Becomes Europe's Youngest Monarch

Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2013

King Willem-Alexander is the first Dutch king for 123 years and, at 46, the youngest in Europe

Scenes From Syria's Battle-Scarred City of Aleppo

Friday, Apr. 26, 2013

Italian photographer Alessio Romenzi has been chronicling the Syrian civil war for months. The following pictures of his are from a few days in mid-April spent in the battle-scarred city of Aleppo.

Manhattan Fantasy: The Woolworth Building at 100

Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2013

Opened 100 years ago today (April 24, 1913) when President Woodrow Wilson pushed a button that lit up every floor at once, the steel-frame Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan had a spectacular birth.

Flooding Swamps the Midwest

Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2013

Torrential rains across the central United States forced the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to close about a dozen locks on the Illinois River and the Mississippi Rivers north of St. Louis late last week

Deadly Earthquake Strikes China's Sichuan Province

Monday, Apr. 22, 2013

A strong quake rocked China's southwestern Sichuan province, killing more than 150 and injuring thousands.

Joy and Relief in Boston After Bombing Suspect's Arrest

Friday, Apr. 19, 2013

Less than 24 hours after a police officer was shot dead at MIT and a massive manhunt that shut down a major American city, one Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured and one killed.

Now Hear This: In Praise of Record Store Day

Friday, Apr. 19, 2013

In celebration of Record Store Day on April 20, TIME presents vintage photos of the music meccas.

In Caracas, Tensions Simmer over Venezuelan Election

Thursday, Apr. 18, 2013

In the immediate aftermath of Venezuela's tightly contested presidential election on April 14, 2013, supporters of opposition leader Henrique Capriles demanded a recount after a slim electoral defeat to Nicolas Maduro.

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013

The Queen, British Prime Minister David Cameron and more than 2,000 dignitaries pay their last respects to Baroness Thatcher at St Paul's Cathedral on Wednesday

Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Explosions

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013

With at least three killed and 140 injured, locals in Boston are struggling to come to terms with the devastation following Monday's explosions.

Marathon Carnage: Explosions in Boston

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013

Two explosions shook the Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013, killing three and injuring more than 100.

North Korea Ratchets Up Tension on the Peninsula

Friday, Mar. 15, 2013

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to bombard a South Korean island with 5,000 residents, further raising alarms in Seoul and the U.S., which is beefing up its own missile defenses against possible attack from Pyongyang.

Burma Punks: The Colorful Youth of Rangoon

Monday, Apr. 15, 2013

Punk is alive and well on the once isolated land

The Chavistas Hang On to Venezuela's Presidency

Monday, Apr. 15, 2013

The final count was closer than most people expected but Chavez's anointed successor takes the election.

North Korea Propaganda

Friday, Apr. 12, 2013

No nation does propaganda like the Hermit Kingdom. On a daily basis, North Korea's leadership and official news agency trade in jargon and slogans that few elsewhere in the world would ever echo.

Crazy and Colorful Coachella

Sunday, Apr. 14, 2013

Every April, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes over the town of Indio, California, for three days of performances on several stages. Fans from around the world come to see their favorite artists - and to party.

On Patrol Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

Thursday, Apr. 11, 2013

TIME looks at U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents at work along the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego in California.

Mega Snow: James Whitlow Delano's Buried Japan

Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2013

Japan's Aomori Prefecture might be at the same latitude as New York, but its climate can seem a lot more harsh. Nestled at the northernmost part of the country's Honshu Island, the average yearly snowfall there is around 34 ft.

North Dakota, a Portrait of an Oil Boom

Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2013

North Dakota's oil boom has been called everything from the region's equivalent of a gold rush, to its version of Silicon Valley.

Egyptian Copts Mourn and Riot in Cairo

Monday, Apr. 08, 2013

The grim specter of sectarian violence hovers once more over Egypt after a weekend of deadly riots involving Egyptian Copts in Cairo.

Through Don Draper's Eyes: A Tour of the Time-Life Building of the Sixties

Friday, Apr. 05, 2013

In anticipation of the Mad Men season 6 premiere on AMC this Sunday night, TIME brings to you a rare insider's tour of the Time-Life Building in the 1960s—the setting of everyone's favorite mid-century ad agency

75 Years of the NCAA Final Four

Friday, Apr. 05, 2013

A look back at the great players, and games, that have made the Final Four one of the most popular events in all of sports

Window on Infinity: Pictures from Space

Thursday, Apr. 04, 2013

Stunning images of the sun, Earth and far-away locales in our roundup of cosmic views from March 2013.

The Women Warriors of the Free Syrian Army

Wednesday, Apr. 03, 2013

Emerging from the shadows of their secret command outpost in the war-torn city of Aleppo, these members of an all-female fighting unit posed for portraits. Their testimony speaks of the wrenching violence of the now two-year-long Syrian uprising

Bye, Bye Birdie Turns 50

Thursday, Apr. 04, 2013

George Sidney's high-kicking movie adaptation of the Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie was released 50 years ago.

How to Make Charcoal in Gaza

Tuesday, Apr. 02, 2013

After years of border blockades and commodity shortages, Gazans have become expert at recycling and making new out of old, in this instance, turning scrap wood into charcoal for barbecue grills and water pipes in local restaurants and coffee houses.

The Big Dance: NCAA Basketball Players Do Ballet

Thursday, Mar. 28, 2013

It's called "The Big Dance," for a reason, though this might not be exactly what the NCAA had in mind. Basketball and ballet are more similar than one may think.

War in Mali: France and African Allies Take on Islamist Militants

Friday, Feb. 22, 2013

In March 2012, separatist rebels and Islamist militants linked to al-Qaeda exploited the political chaos following a coup in Mali and overran half of the northwest African country. A French-led intervention is now striking back at the rebel militias.

Holi Celebrated Throughout India

Monday, Mar. 25, 2013

A colorful and energetic festival, Holi is celebrated by Hindus throughout India, and traditionally heralds the beginning of spring. While the national holiday occurs on March 27, there are regional versions that take place in the weeks beforehand.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Celebrate Passover

Monday, Mar. 25, 2013

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel have been preparing for the holiday of Passover which starts March 25 and lasts until April 2

In Burma Religious Riots Flare Up Again

Friday, Mar. 22, 2013

The central Burmese town of Meikhtila declared a curfew for a second night on March 21 after clashes killed 10 people, including a Buddhist monk, and injured at least 20, authorities said.

President Obama's First Official Trip to Israel

Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2013

Barack Obama makes a historic first trip to Israel as president and he is expected to discuss Iran's nuclear program and the ongoing civil war in Syria

The Papacy Renewed: The Installation of Pope Francis

Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2013

Crowds and dignitaries gathered in St. Peter's Square for the formal inauguration of Pope Francis at the Vatican on March 19, 2013

Latin America Celebrates Pope Francis

Thursday, Mar. 14, 2013

Latin Americans reacted with joy on Wednesday at news that the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope. Bergoglio, who chose the name Pope Francis, is the first pope ever from the Americas.

Pope and Circumstance: the Road to the Papacy

Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2013

Scenes from St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.

Mars on Earth: A Look at The Mars Desert Research Station in Utah

Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2013

At the Mars Desert Research Station outside Hanksville, Utah, a group of scientists are taking advantage of Mars-like terrain to investigate the possibility of human exploration of the red planet.

In Pakistan, Christians Come Under Attack Again

Monday, Mar. 11, 2013

A Christian community in the Pakistani city of Lahore came under attack by an angry Muslim mob over the weekend, following an alleged blasphemy incident.

Dead Leaders on Display: A Tour of Preserved Heads of State

Friday, Mar. 08, 2013

TIME takes a look at a number of world leaders whose remains have been placed on perpetual display down through the years.

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