Scenes from Yemen

Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2011

Even before the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, turmoil in Yemen had already begun. TIME photographer Yuri Kozyrev documented its beginnings in December 2010.

Photographs by Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for TIME

Self-Taught Artist Thornton Dial

Friday, Mar. 04, 2011

A potent retrospective celebrates the work of an African-American "outsider"

Singapore's High-Tech Road Map to the Future

Thursday, Mar. 03, 2011

Planning to boost its population by 20%, the city develops ways to manage its expansion — and then export what it learns to other cities

Photographs by Sam Kang Li for TIME

Dog Fighting in Afghanistan

Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2011

In the winter months, the brutal sport has made a comeback since the Taliban's ouster.

Photographs by Lorenzo Tugnoli

Photos: Giant Panda People — Scientists Don Costumes For Good Cause

Wednesday, Mar. 02, 2011

Researchers dress in panda costumes at China's Wolong National Nature Reserve to help re-introduce the pandas to the wild and eliminate human influence from their environment

Brunette Bombshell Jane Russell

Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2011

They may seem tame by today's standards, but the publicity photos of the buxom screen star — who died on Feb. 28 at age 89 — were considered quite racy in their day

Justice for Rape Victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Monday, Feb. 28, 2011

Portraits of the women who participated in a landmark case in the D.R.C.

Photographs by Pete Muller / AP

Oscar Fashion: The 9 Best Women over 40

Monday, Feb. 28, 2011

Women over 40 deserve an extra round of applause on Oscar night. The older you get, the harder it is to fit into Hollywood's unrealistic beauty paradigm. So let's hear it for the grownups who looked fit, fresh and fierce!
By Charla Krupp

Pure Yoga: 99% Practice, 1% Theory

Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

99% Practice, 1% Theory — "Guruji" K. Pattabhi Jois died in 2009, but his Ashtanga yoga still thrives in the U.S.
Photographs by Juliana Sohn for TIME

A Brief History of Movie Special Effects

Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

From early animation to the most sophisticated of computer-generated images, TIME takes a look at Hollywood's long affair with screen trickery. — By Allie Townsend

Great Performers 2011

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

A gallery of portraits of Hollywood's top stars photographed by Peter Hapak for TIME

Vivian Maier: The Secret Shutterbug

Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

A new book and show explore the work of a gifted, yet unknown street photographer

Photos: Showdown in Wisconsin

Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

Union supporters protest a bill that would almost eliminate collective bargaining rights — a measure that governor Scott Walker says is necessary to trim the budget

Photographs by Shaul Schwarz / Reportage by Getty Images for TIME

Urban Jungle on the Reservation

Friday, Feb. 11, 2011

Gang culture takes root among the Oglala Sioux youth of Pine Ridge, S.D.

Photographs by Matthew Williams

Colin Firth: The Thinking Ladies' Leading Man

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

It's taken a long time for the versatile actor — veteran of art-house films and rom-coms — to shed his pin-up aristocratic image

Lampedusa Flooded by Tunisian Migrants

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

In the wake of change in regime, thousands of Tunisians flee their homeland in search of a a future in Europe

Photographs by Gianni Cipriano for TIME

TIME Exclusive Photos: Crackdown in Bahrain

Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Anti-government protesters remain on Pearl Square

Photographs by Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for TIME

Devastating Quake Strikes New Zealand

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

On Tuesday, Feb. 22, the southern New Zealand town of Christchurch was hit by its second major earthquake in six months, killing at least 75

Presidential Waxtravaganza

Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

To celebrate this Presidents' Day, one D.C. museum is inviting visitors to wax historic with the Presidents themselves.

China Stamps Out Democracy Protests

Monday, Feb. 21, 2011

Spurred by the spreading Jasmine Revolution in the Middle East, a scattering of democracy protests in China over the weekend were quickly stopped by authorities

New York Fashion Week 2011

Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

As Manhattan's weeklong style event comes to a close, ten fashion designers give TIME a look at the sketches behind their Fall/Winter 2011 collections.

Story by Feifei Sun

Singularity: Portrait of a Cyberhuman

Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Professor Kevin Warwick allowed surgeons to plant a silicon chip into his forearm in order to advance our understanding of the place where human anatomy and circuits might meet

Photographs by Jim Naughten for TIME

Crackdown in Bahrain

Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Soldiers fire into crowds of anti-government demonstrators after they defy a ban on protesting

Clashes in Yemen

Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Government loyalists battle with antigovernment protesters demanding an end to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's 32-year rule

Rahm Emanuel Runs for Mayor of Chicago

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011

Photographer Callie Shell trails Obama's former chief of staff as he makes a run for his hometown's top job

Coming to America: The Fiat 500

Monday, Feb. 14, 2011

An appreciation of the Italian small car legend, which the company has announced will go on sale in the US this year
by Nicholas Hegel McClelland

Tempers Flare Across the Middle East

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011

In the wake of Mubarak's resignation, demonstrators take to the streets in Iran, Bahrain, Yemen and Algeria

TIME Exclusive Photos: Uprising in Cairo

Monday, Jan. 31, 2011

Images from the dramatic action in and around Tahrir Square

Photographs by Dominic Nahr / Magnum for TIME

Exclusive Photos: Drama on Tahrir Square

Friday, Feb. 04, 2011

Scenes from the uprising in Egypt from TIME photographer Yuri Kozyrev

Makeshift Helmets of Egypt's Protesters

Monday, Feb. 07, 2011

Anti-government demonstrators in Tahrir Square have improvised a fascinating array of protective head coverings

Settling In on Tahrir Square

Monday, Feb. 07, 2011

As the confrontation in Egypt continues, protesters on the square find amenities where they can

Six New Breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Friday, Feb. 11, 2011

A look at the new faces at this year's blue-ribbon-canine event at New York City's Madison Square Garden

Photographs by Juliana Sohn for TIME

Westminster 2011: The Hottest Hairstyles

Monday, Feb. 14, 2011

Coiffed and groomed for the 135th annual installment of the canine showcase

Revolution in Egypt: 18 Days that Shook the World

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011

A day-by-day photo chronicle of the 2011 Egyptian uprising

Mubarak: The Man Who Stayed Too Long

Friday, Feb. 11, 2011

The rise and fall of the Egyptian president, who steps down after almost three decades in power

Along the Rio Grande, Scenes of a Tense Border

Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2011

British photographer Zed Nelson explores the world of the Tea Party activists and others living along the river's edge

Kopi Luwak: The World's Priciest Coffee

Friday, Feb. 11, 2011

The secret ingredient of this unique coffee comes from the dung of Asian Palm Civets

A Blackhawk's View of Afghanistan

Wednesday, Feb. 09, 2011

Helmand province as seen from the window of a U.S. Army Blackhawk medevac helicopter

Photographs by Kevin Frayer / AP

Fire in Brazil's Samba City

Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2011

One month before Carnaval is set to begin, a devastating blaze strikes one of the warehouses where the samba schools prepare their costumes and floats

Best Picture Nominees 2011

Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011

A stammering monarch and an Internet mogul lead the pack in this year's race for the Best Picture Oscar

Michelle Obama as Fashion Icon

Thursday, Feb. 03, 2011

In her new book, Everday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style, Kate Betts explains how the
First Lady gets her fashion sense — and why it means something to all of us

China: The Great 2011 Migration

Thursday, Feb. 03, 2011

As the Year of the Rabbit Kicks off, nearly 250 million travelers will be coming and going from China's big cities to their hometowns, straining nerves and the nation's mighty transport system

A Night in Tahrir Square

Friday, Feb. 04, 2011

After the February 3 clashes between anti-Mubarak protesters and those who support the regime, the demonstrators hold their positions on the square — and wait

Photographs by Jacopo Quaranta

Front-Row Seat at the Reagan White House

Saturday, Feb. 05, 2011

TIME photographer Diana Walker recounts what it was like to cover the Great Communicator

The Eco-Utopian Visions of Architect Vincent Callebaut

Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

A young Belgian architect imagines fantastical projects that address the world's environmental and social ills

Amazing Photos of the Sun

Wednesday, Feb. 09, 2011

A solar storm comprised of charged particles from a recent solar flare that occurred on March 6, 2012 will hit the Earth

Ronald Reagan's Top 10 Movie Roles

Friday, Feb. 04, 2011

As a politician, the 40th President was a superb performer, but the reviews are mixed for his career in Hollywood

by Richard Corliss

Super Bowl Legends from the Vault of Sports Illustrated

Thursday, Feb. 03, 2011

A photo highlight reel from the sportsweekly's 46 years of coverage

Happy Birthday Mercedes Benz!

Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011

An ode to the storied German car company as it celebrates 125 years

by Nicholas Hegel McClelland

With An Eye to the Future, Shanghai Dismantles Its World Expo Site

Thursday, Feb. 03, 2011

Now that Expo 2010 is over, the host city embraces sustainability as the basis of its plans for the next phase of redevelopment. The event that trumpeted "Better city, better life" as its motto must now fulfill that pledge

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