The NFL: Jumping on the AFC Bandwagon

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There are no dominant teams in the NFL this year, just hot ones. And every strictly-for-entertainment league watcher loves heat. Witness the increasingly bloated bandwagon on Kansas City simply because the team had a couple of good Sundays in Arrowhead. After a 30-0 pounding of the Raiders coupled with a Broncos loss to the Steelers, NFL pundits are rumbling that the team featuring 107-year running back Marcus Allen, who was a Raider on the last AFC team to win the Super Bowl back when Chelsea was a wee lass, could go all the way. Which leads us to next week and a Broncos-Niners matchup that will settle (at least for a few days) that perennial question of whether this is the year the Americans finally beat the Nationals in the Ultimate Game. The answer, of course, is not just yet. But isn't it fun to think it so?

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