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No End to Land Mines
Despite the 125 nations who signed today's global ban on land mines, there are still as many as 100 million such devices out there and the U.S. won't give them up.
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Winnie Mandela in the Dock
In South Africa, the President's ex-wife faces the music at the Truth Commission. How have the mighty fallen?

Life on Mars?
NASA got us all excited about apparent signs of life found on a Martian meteor. But apparently they weren't bugs, just a feature.

AMA For Sale, Again
Back in September, the American Medical Association backed down from an endorsement deal with Sunbeam. Now the AMA is set to revive the cash-for-credibility corpse.

Looking for John Doe No. 2
Defense lawyers for Terry Nichols say that the government has the wrong man and that the FBI should still be looking for the mysterious John Doe No. 2.

FORTUNE Business Report delivers the goods and the goodies from the day's trading. Thursday: The GE divorce, Mouse moves, and Warren Buffetitis.

Index Funds in Disguise Why aren't your mutuals beating the market? Fund managers don't have the guts to commit to a plan. Why so-called "managed" funds are often kitchen-sink hodgepodges--and why they're no better than those index funds you were trying to avoid. In Money Daily.

Second Car Theory Speeds Up
Fiat? Or ghost car? A newly released sketch of the Diana crash site suggests there were more than just paparazzi at the scene.

Warriors Free Spree
Now we know just what you have to do to get in trouble in the freewheelin' NBA. The choke is now on Latrell Sprewell after the Golden State Warriors released the All-Star guard following an assault on his coach.

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