Warriors Free Spree

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Well, now we know just how far you can go in the NBA. Throw a guy through a bar window — no problem. Show up during a game you're supposed to be playing in and all is forgiven. Return from a "lifetime" suspension for using illegal drugs only to be caught using again — hey, we all make mistakes.

But choke your coach like Latrell Sprewell did, and you're history. The Golden State Warriors announced last night that they were terminating the $32 million contract of their All-Star guard. The NBA followed up with a one-year suspension.

Surprisingly, in a league that has employed Michael Ray Richardson, Richard Dumas and Dennis Rodman, it was the first time a player has been fired for violating the NBA's player contract, which says employees must "conform to standards of good citizenship and good moral character" and prohibits "engaging in acts of moral turpitude."

The unrepentant Spree says he’ll try to catch on with some other NBA team, or else will learn how to say "The coach had it coming" in Italian. Either way, there's sure to be a market in the NBA or Europe for a big, lightning-quick guard who can stick the J — meaning Latrell, like all the NBA's increasingly spoiled stars, will likely have the last laugh.