Second Car Theory Speeds Up

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PARIS: Three months after the crash, and the truth is still being slowly pieced together. As the first official sketch of the scene of Princess Diana's car crash is unveiled, the "second car" theory is gaining ground in investigators' eyes and a "probable collision zone" between Diana's Mercedes and what police suspect is a Fiat Uno is marked on their map of the fateful scene.

That's not to say that Paris police are any closer to tracking down said car, despite having conducted literally thousands of interviews with white Uno owners in and around the city. Crash survivor Trevor Rees-Jones' memory was not sparked by pictures of such a vehicle. But with every day that passes, the onus is less and less on the nine paparazzi photographers who are all still ostensibly under investigation.

  • Back in Britain, a committee gathered Wednesday to consider what form the proposed "Diana memorial" will take. More than 7,000 suggestions for a permanant tribute ranging from a Diana statue to a Diana Day have been received from members of the public. Sifting through them now are Diana's butler, her lawyer, her elder sister, Treasury chief Gordon Brown and film director Richard Attenborough, among others. Fittingly for the Princess' memory, neither Prince Charles nor any other member of the Royal Family have been invited.