Spencers Cool Down

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Earl Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, and his estranged wife, former model Victoria Lockwood, announced Tuesday they had settled their acrimonious divorce case, but were keeping the terms of their parting secret. The deal, which came after 11 hours of talks between the two sides, marked the end of a tumultuous court hearing that grabbed headlines around the world.

Lockwood, who alleged that Spencer had up to a dozen affairs during the eight-year marriage, had asked for a onetime settlement of $6.3 million. Spencer offered a lump sum of $500,000, monthly payments of $4,167 and a Cape Town house and contents, including a car, worth $416,667.

"We are glad to say that we have reached a financial settlement in the high court in Cape Town. This will involve us being divorced in South Africa shortly," the two parties said in a statement issued by their lawyers shortly after midnight.