TIME's Weekend Review

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TIME’s Weekend Review

Cold Turkey: The Last Word on the Week That Was

Ah, the holidays — a season of family, friends and forgiveness. That time of year when you chew cold turkey and reflect on what we have in common rather than what divides. And it is in this spirit of reconciliation that TIME Daily would like to say sorry to Newsweek for making fun of its digitally-altered Bobbi McCaughey cover. OJ knows, TIME isn’t above a bit of photo-tampering itself. Heck, practically anyone who’s ever owned Photoshop has given their relatives a gleaming new set of dentures at one time or another. Consider it forgotten, Newsweek. We won’t mention it again — and that’s the tooth.

Iraq Stacks the Deck

The current situation in Iraq brings to mind a certain truism regarding needles and haystacks. The problem for the last week or so has been that Saddam won’t allow inspectors searching for some particularly deadly needles into his palatial haystacks — said to be the size of Washington, D.C. But so what? As TIME’s Pentagon correspondent Dick Thompson pointed out Wednesday, you can manufacture nerve gas in a 10’x10’ room. How many 10’x10’ rooms can there be in Iraq? That’s an awful lot of haystacks to grope around in. Perhaps those weapons inspectors ought to quit while they’re ahead, and take up more promising positions — like in Ted Kaczynski’s defense team.