Babies Bearing Gifts

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CARLISLE, Iowa: And now the babysitting nightmare begins. All seven of Bobbi McCaughey's "little miracles" are off ventilators, their condition has been upgraded to "fair" and doctors at the Blank Children's Hospital are ready to start thinking about sending the septuplets home.

What kind of life can they expect there? Probably one without too many of the gifts and donations made by large corporations to the McCaugheys. Bobbi, who was catapulted to stardom in the week following the birth, has apparently eschewed the likes of Proctor, Gamble and both the Johnsons. "If they have too much of anything, they want to give it away to others that need it," said mother-in-law Val. "Bobbi has said, 'I don't deserve all these gifts. I just want my babies.'"

Meanwhile, one gift that just keeps on giving media attention has started to seep through the walls of the humble McCaughey abode. Two-year-old Mikayla, the septuplets' elder sister, "shrieked with joy" when she saw her grandmother reading a pile of magazines with her parents' faces on the cover. Next question: What did Newsweek do to mommy's teeth?