The Young Bio-Warrior's Handbook

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Chemical weaponry has been called the poor man's atom bomb, and with good reason: producing mass casualties using nuclear weapons cost $800 per square kilometer, according to a UN estimate, but the price tag per km for the same casualties using biological weapons is just one dollar.

And while the world's attention is focused on reports that Saddam Hussein has as much as 2,245 gallons of anthrax toxin waiting for release, U.S. military officials say that the real worry might be from the terrorist next door. "The knowledge and where you can get the equipment is easily available on the Internet," former CIA head James Woolsey has said.

But if you're searching the Web for a Thanksgiving recipe that will cause your neighbors to die of hacking pneumonia, don't waste your time on alt.anthrax.killamericandogs. The fastest way to find a 'recipe for anthrax' is to head for the sites run by the U.S. government and the mainstream press.

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