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Testing Iraq’s Nerve
The U.S. and U.N. warn that Saddam Hussein has enough deadly nerve gas to wipe out all of humanity. With Iraq playing hardball, will weapons inspectors ever find it all?
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The Young Bio-Warrior's Handbook
Meanwhile, good information on how to use anthrax is out there on the Web. Does it matter?

Unabomb Accused Throws Tantrum
(REUTERS) -- As his attorneys sought to persuade the court that their client was mentally ill, Theodore Kaczynski scribbled furiously, muttered to a lawyer and finally, in a burst of frustration, threw a pencil across a table.

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    AIDS Makes a Comeback
    The extent of the AIDS epidemic has been badly underestimated. Worse, only about 10 percent of those infected are actually aware they have HIV.

    Troubled Tigers
    Leaders of Pacific Rim countries aren't talking of economic miracles at their annual meeting. This time, in the wake of an IMF bailout, it's down to crisis management.

    Back To The Phones?
    The campaign finance investigations are all but over. Now the Democrats have to pay off their legal bill: $11 million. Calling Al Gore ...

    Nichols Prosecution Ready to Wrap
    In their third week of leading evidence, the prosecution in the Terry Nichols trials is set to close their case. But have they managed to directly link Nichols to the Oklahoma City bombing?

    Good Times Keep on Rolling
    New economic indicators published today show that our little Golden Age continues.

    Street Beats Asian Flu
    Get the lowdown on yesterday's trading from the FORTUNE Business Report.

    The Gallstone Conspiracy
    Janet Reno collapses in Mexico. The dorm room of a Chelsea Clinton detractor is searched by the Secret Service. Are there sinister forces at work?

    The Whole Tooth
    Newsweek catches it for fixing cover girl Bobbi McCaughey's less-than-pearly whites.

    One Prince, No Pauper
    The latest in the tale of the Saudi Prince who is snapping up billions in hot stock.

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