He Ain't Heavy...

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SACRAMENTO: Somewhere between New York State and California, David Kaczynski, brother of Unabomber suspect Theodore, is making his way to his sibling's murder trial. "He's driving 3,000 miles cross-country to save his brother," said David's lawyer, Anthony Bisceglie.

Why the rush? "He believes his brother is mentally ill," says TIME's San Francisco Bureau chief Dave Jackson, "and the government is pushing the death penalty." Indeed, as jury selection reaches the halfway stage, it looks as if a large majority of the potential jurors favor capital punishment for Kaczynski if convicted. Adds Jackson: "It's certainly a poignant situation David is in. He turned his brother in, now he's faced with the possibility that his words will lead to his brother's execution."

It's not that he believes his brother to be innocent. Indeed, it was David a social worker in New York who first alerted investigators to the fact that Montana-based Theodore might have been the anti-technology terrorist. But he insists his brother be treated as mentally ill, not a man with the clear-minded intent to kill.

The mental health question currently hangs in the balance: prosecutors want Kaczynski to agree to independent neurological tests for mental illness - an issue that has stopped him co-operating with his defense team. Whether he provides moral support or simply a good character reference, David Kaczynksi is on a mission to save his brother's life.