Home Cooking Fuels the Pack

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Lessons we learned in the NFL's Week 13: All the Pack needed to beat the Cowboys was some home cooking and a Dallas lineup that is just a pale imitation of those Super Bowl teams. Other revelations: Although the Redskins and Giants showed they were equally mediocre in stumbling to a 7-7 overtime tie, 'Skins QB Gus Ferotte proved he could be dumber than most by landing in hospital after ferociously head-butting the stadium wall. And the Saints are so bad they've even humbled Mike Ditka after their latest loss to the Falcons.

Meanwhile, back at the quad, Michigan is Number 1 and smelling the roses after a 20-14 win over Ohio State that may have given Charles Woodson the Heisman. And with the college basketball season barely a week old, we've already got our first upset: Gonzaga, last seen as John Stockton's alma mater, beat Number 5 Clemson 84-71.