It's Giuliani Time

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NEW YORK: Remember 1967? That's what year it is in the Big Apple, where the rate of violent crime is plunging twice as fast as the national average, according to FBI statistics released Sunday. The self-styled capital of the world is now officially safer than at any time in the last three decades. In other words, even the encrusted scum of the “Taxi Driver” era has been washed off the streets.

All of which is another image-enhancing boost for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is still steadfastly refusing to rule out a presidential run in 2000. But even more beneficial than the statistics was the GOP poster boy's first real exposure to a national youth audience this weekend — as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” Who knows, dressing up in drag (again) and taking part in a boxing match with Janet Reno might come to be remembered as the Giuliani equivalent of playing the sax on MTV.