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Bombs, Bucks and Babies
How much of a threat is terrorism? How much should the average Joe be worried and more importantly, how many tax dollars should he sacrifice? Is it really worth the $400 million the federal government spends per annum in counterterror programs? After all, an oft-quoted statistic states that more Americans die from slipping in their bathtub every year than have ever been killed in terrorist acts, and you don't see the FBI issuing arrest warrants for bars of soap.
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MONDAY: Tourists Slaughtered at Temple
Death on the Nile threatens Egypt's tourist trade.

TUESDAY: Flight 800's Final Moments
A graphic CIA video says the TWA disaster had nothing to do with friendly fire.

WEDNESDAY: Raising Iowa
One mother. Seven babies. How many fertility drugs?

THURSDAY: Inside the Mind of a Madman?
"I intend to start killing people," wrote the unabomber suspect in his diary. What can his defense say to that?

FRIDAY: Fifteen Seconds of Fame
China's most famous dissident is dissed for the Iowa septuplets.

Bringing Up Couch Potato
Potato Man tackles multiple maternity in TIME Daily's Weekend Video Guide. Take precautions.

On Top of the Covers
Keep score as TIME Daily's two gridiron gurus size up the NFL slate. And remember, it's strictly for entertainment.

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