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Back to Baghdad
The U.N. weapons inspection team that left Iraq after the expulsion of its American members returned to work today, as both sides claimed victory in the standoff. Will Saddam allow UNSCOM to operate freely this time?
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Civil Rights in Retreat
Affirmative Action proponents settle out of the Supreme Court in the case of a New Jersey teacher. Where now for race relations?

Fifteen Seconds of Fame
Released from a Chinese prison, Wei Jingsheng finds his time in the spotlight stolen by seven bundles of joy in Iowa.

The New Baby Boomers
The progress of Bobbi McCaughey's septuplets has gripped the nation. Now comes the difficult part.

Thanks For The Memories
Everyone remembers where they were when JFK was shot? Not quite. When Elvis died? Hardly. But a new survey shows that only a tiny minority donít recall where they were when they heard about Princess Dianaís car crash.

More than a number
The Dow remains strong, but it's the exception: Friday's Fortune Business Report.

Knicks Win; Raptors Lose Big
It was 1994 all over again as the Knicks gave the Hawks their first loss of the season. Meanwhile, Isiah Thomas leaves Toronto

Bringing Up Couch Potato
Potato Man takes on multiple maternity in TIME Daily's Weekend Video Guide. Take, uh, precautions.

On Top of the Covers
Keep score--and cash in--as TIME Daily's two gridiron gurus size up the NFL slate.

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