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Will the Kremlin End the Crisis?
Although details are under wraps, Russia has apparently cooked up a deal that will resolve the current Iraq standoff. What's the big secret?
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Raising McCaughey
An Iowa woman taking fertility treatments gives birth to septuplets, which is both good and bad news.

Death on the Nile Part 2
The Islamic militant group who carried out Monday's massacre of 60 tourists have come forward. But are the Egyptian police more to blame?

Natural Born Killers
A real-life Taiwan drama has all the elements of a low budget action flick: hostages seized, a live TV interview with a fugitive killer, a plastic-surgery face change, a shootout in a massage parlor and more.

Korean in Currency Crisis
Asian markets were driven down today by Korea’s currency crisis. Seoul is scrambling to avert disaster, but analysts say it's not enough.

Charles and Camilla: Unsinkable? Prince Charles took the children of his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles to the royal premiere of "Titanic" Tuesday night. One reporter called it "a defiant signal to the prince's critics and a clear sign that his relationship with their mother — unlike the ship — was far from sunk."
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First Union Agrees to Merger
In a $16 billion deal that is the largest bank merger ever, First Union will combine with CoreStates.

Southpaws Are Expansion Favorites
As baseball's expansion teams from Tampa and Arizona make their draft picks, the hot item on everyone's shopping list appears to be left-handed pitchers.

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