Mixed Day for Markets

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Wall Street started the day with mixed signals from overseas, reports Money Daily.

In Japan, further evidence that the Japanese government would help bail out the country's banks seemed to jump-start a rally. The Nikkei shot up more than 443 points Tuesday. Adding this 2.7 percent to Monday's 8 percent rebound made it two in a row for Tokyo.

But over in Hong Kong, a rise in interbank interest rates prompted Far East investors to take some of their cash off the table. The Hang Seng fell 1.7 percent after three winning sessions in a row.

Confused news from Asia made for more rollercoaster rides in Europe. The German DAX, cheered by the news from Japan, ended up; London, however, was dragged down due, apparently, to excess exposure to Hong Kong. As if the loss of the former colony wasn't enough.