Football: The Pack On Its Back

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Close your eyes and repeat after Pete Rozelle: "On any given Sunday..." The NFL's favorite word, parity, showed up in a big way yesterday, as the previously winless Colts beat the defending Super Bowl champion Packers 41-38. While broadcasters were quick to not that the game points out just how little a difference there is between 0-10 and 8-2 in the NFL, what it really points out is that the Pack is definitely still not back to their top form of a year ago. Now they're just another team, down there with Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville — contenders for the playoffs, but still just pretenders to a place in the Ultimate Game. That place is still the preserve of the Niners, owners of the league’s best record after a 27-19 thrashing of Carolina, and the Broncos, even after they managed to badly outplay but still lose 24-22 to the Chiefs.