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Gunmen Massacre Tourists
Death strikes the Pharoah's temple as suspected Islamic militants kill at least 60 visitors.
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Iraq: The Writing on the Wall
While Saddam talks peace, his parliament is chalking anti-American slogans on the sidewalk.

Welcome Back Hoffa
Ron Carey is disqualified from a rerun of the Teamsters election -- making Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. a vitual lock. Will his be a different Big Labor?

Child Abuser or Witch Hunt Victim?
In two exclusive TIME interviews, Deborah Eappen and the defense attorney slug it out over Louise Woodward.

Star Turn Dissapoints in Denver
He was the state's star witness in the Tim McVeigh trial, but Michael Fortier has let down prosecutors in the trial of suspected Oklahoma bomber Terry Nichols.

No Problems At the IRS
TIME Online visits IRS Problem Solving Day, uncovering cheerful agents and a longing for the great bureaucracies of yore...

Asian Markets on Recovery Trail
The tigers rally after the Japanese allow a bank to fail.

Tarantino Gets Bitchy
Hollywood bad-boy director Quentin Tarantino is sued by a man he allegedly boasted of "bitch slapping."

The Pack on its Back
Green Bay go belly-up to the winless Colts.