Tarantino Gets Bitchy

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Don Murphy, the associate producer of "Natural Born Killers," is suing "Pulp Fiction" filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for $5 million, reports People Daily.

In the lawsuit filed Friday, Murphy claims he has been unable to work since Tarantino punched him in the face and head last month at a West Hollywood restaurant. The fight was sparked by comments Murphy made about Tarantino in the book "Killer Instinct," written by "Natural Born Killers" co-producer Jane Hampshire, the lawsuit claimed.

But a source close to Murphy has revealed to PEOPLE correspondent Jeffrey Wells that Murphy may also be upset over remarks Tarantino made on the Fox Network's “Keenan Ivory Wayans Show” last Monday. On the late night talk show, Tarantino claimed he'd been "looking" for Murphy for three years and had been planning a confrontation. He said he "bitch-slapped" Murphy three times — a comment that drew wild applause from Wayans' audience. "Tarantino then said, according to the Murphy source, something to the effect that ‘bitch-slapping’ is a good way to humiliate somebody."