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The Mother of All Whuppings
There is a time for the world’s policeman to walk around half-cocked. As we discovered in the cruise-missile fests of June ’93 and September ’96, spanking dictators can bring clinical conclusions to potential conflagrations. Call it the short, sharp shock theory of international crisis management.
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MONDAY: Saddam Challenges Clinton
A defiant Iraq threatens to shoot down American U-2s.

TUESDAY: U.S. chooses restraint
Dissapointing jingoists everywhere, Clinton seems to opt for a Security Council solution.

WEDNESDAY: Face-off at the U.N.
The Security Council slaps a travel ban on Iraqi officials.

THURSDAY: Iraq’s Charm Offensive
Desperate for some positive spin, Tariq Aziz did the media rounds Thursday. Over coffee at TIME, he offered Iraq’s view of the showdown.

FRIDAY: Round One to Saddam
By forcing American members of the U.N. inspection team to leave Iraq ahead of their international colleagues, Saddam Hussein has scored a symbolic victory.

Bay of Potatoes
The Saddam solution: our weekly Couch Potato guide polls Hollywood on what to do about the Bad Boy of Baghdad.

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Our strictly-for-entertainment guide to weekend football.