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Clinton Sends in the Ships
With diplomacy failing, Clinton sends the George Washington to the Gulf Full Story

Round One to Saddam
By forcing American members of the U.N. inspection team to leave Iraq ahead of their international colleagues, Saddam Hussein has scored a symbolic victory.

Iraq’s Charm Offensive
Desperate for some positive spin, Tariq Aziz did the media rounds Thursday. Over coffee at TIME, he offered Iraq’s view of the showdown.

Resignation Under Fire
The Marines may be extremists. But as the ex-Assistant Army Secretary found out, you can't say so in public.

Dr. Death Strikes in Church
Dr. Kevorkian appears to be taunting his critics with his latest suicide patient — a 74-year-old Orthodox Christian who asked to die in a church.

All Quiet on Wall Street
October economic indicators hold little fear for market analysts.

Larry Walker, MVP
Colorado outfielder Larry Walker is named MVP, and — predictably — says he'd trade it all for a championship ring.

Bay of Potatoes
The Saddam solution: our weekly Couch Potato guide polls Hollywood on what to do about the Bad Boy of Baghdad.

On Top of the Covers
Our strictly-for-entertainment guide to weekend football.