The Return of Dr. Death

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DETROIT: This time, some might say, he's gone a little too far. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the champion of assisted suicide who has helped anywhere between 50 and 100 terminally ill patients die, appears to have helped a woman kill herself in a church. The 74-year-old Nadia Foldes of New York, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, inhaled carbon dioxide late Thursday at a Catholic church somewhere in Detroit.

It was Foldes' wish to die in a church and there was, according to Kevorkian attorney Geoffrey Fieger, a "sympathetic priest" at this establishment. But it was an utterly brazen act on the part of the man dubbed "Dr. Death," for the Roman Catholic church which has yet to comment is one of his staunchest enemies.

Kevorkian delivered Foldes' body to the local emergency room in person the first time he has done so in over a year. The previous 17 Kevorkian patients were all found in Detroit motel rooms with notes to call Fieger. Could it be that Dr. Death is again making house calls?