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The judge in the au pair case has set Louise Woodward free after deciding she is guilty of manslaughter, not murder. More

  • Saddam Hussein renews his threat to shoot down U.S. surveillance planes. Is war imminent? More

  • We feel his pain: President Clinton loses his favorite piece of legislation, possibly for good. More

  • Americans are spending less on drugs but getting more for their money. More

  • After a long courtship, MCI settles on suitor WorldCom after the Mississippi carrier raises its offer to $37 billion in stock and cash. More

  • The MCI deal was one of the few things to enliven Monday's otherwise listless market. Fortune Business Report

  • Could Camelot be just a myth? A new book attacks the JFK legacy. More

  • And in Denver, Oklahoma bombing suspect Terry Nichols faces a passionless prosecution. More