TIME's Weekend Review

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Eve of the War

Anyone who was alive in those dark days of late 1990, as time ran out for Saddam Hussein to withdraw from Kuwait, will recall the taste of Gulf War hysteria. Since few of us foresaw the antiseptic neatness of Desert Storm, half the country seemed to expect another Vietnam — while the rest awaited World War III.

Although we’re more mellow these days, it took less than a week for Saddam to give us those familiar jingoistic jitters. What began as a U.N. inspector lockout became a saber-rattling standoff, once Iraq started playing hide the anthrax. So forget about the nanny trial (sorry, nannies, the au pair trial), French trucking strikes or fights over Fast Track — when it comes to conflict, the Gulf’s still got it.

Alternative Medicine

At least this week had more ways than one to take your mind off it. Try some Federally-approved acupuncture, take a course in Princess Diana or buy yourself a cheap ex-Soviet MIG fighter. Just whatever you do, don’t take the Murphy Brown cure. After all, look what it did to Hunter S. Thompson.