On Top of the Covers

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Call it hubris, call him Icarus--L.I. Slim has wafted back down to earth. But he's not ready to start flipping coins just yet. At 25-13-3 (and a six-notch cushion over mortal enemy Kansas City), he has yet to have a losing week, and yea, tho the soph blues weigh on him, that fog still parts a few times a week. The locks for Week 11: The Seahawks. Last week's cover-buster against Denver was portent for a slaughter in San Diego. The Steelers will win, and win big. The no-offense sleeper vs. Chiefs last Monday was a gut check for Kordell, whose ex-mate Bam Morris will probably show up stoned. And yes, this is the part where the Cowboys make a run at the playoffs. But 8.5? Slim likes a close one. Good weekend, and remember--bet responsibly. (Psst. Go with Syracuse and Michigan on Saturday)

Jets (+3) over DOLPHINS Jets don't fall from grace just yet.
OILERS (-3) over Giants But some NYer's got to.
PACKERS (-14.5) over Rams Pack "O" finally busts out.
JAGS (-5) over Chiefs Nothing to do with competent Rich Gannon
Cards (+8.5) over COWBOYS 'Boys will win, but no cover
VIKES (-9) over Bears A no-brainer under the M-dome
REDSKINS (-3.5) over Lions Scott Mitchell really stinks
Bengals (-3) over COLTS So does the Colts' luck
Bucs (-3) over FALCONS Return to salad days for Bucs
Panthers (+7) over BRONCOS Broncs screw backers for 4th straight week
BILLS (-3) over Pats So I changed my mind about the Bills.
Saints (+9.5) over RAIDERS That's a lotta points
Seahawks (-3) over CHARGERS Hawks clear hump in SoCal
STEELERS (-6.5) over Ravens A bounce-back against Bam
49ers (-4) over EAGLES Philly Pholds--bye bye playoffs

Ahh, November, when the elite NFL teams send a message to the those who are going to be sitting by the fire come January -- and also the time when the elite pickers rise to the top. So after the KC Line's finish last week brought him back to .500, it's all uphill from here in the drive to respectability. This week's locks: Take the Bears and 9 big, juicy points over a VIKINGS team that's ready for a letdown. Feel good about the Chiefs, even without Elvis, getting five in JACKSONVILLE. And like his collegue L.I., the KC Line loves Seattle over the Chargers.

The picks:

Jets +3 over DOLPHINS
OILERS -3 over Giants
PACKERS -14.5 over Rams
Chiefs +5 over JAGUARS
COWBOYS -8.5 over Cardinals
Bears +9 over VIKINGS
REDSKINS -3.5 over Lions
COLTS +3 over Bengals
Bucs -3 over FALCONS
Panthers +7 over BRONCOS
BILLS +3 over Patriots
Saints +9.5 over RAIDERS
Seahawks -3 over CHARGERS
Ravens +6.5 over STEELERS
49ers -4 over EAGLES