Jiang takes Manhattan

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NEW YORK: He's done the hula in Hawaii, worn a three-corner hat in Williamsburg, and been guided around the Capitol by Newt Gingrich. But now the King of Communism has come to the Big Apple--and he's gone native.

Shrugging off the twin snubbings of Governor Pataki and Mayor Rudy, Jiang Zemin got right down to business at New York's real power center: the New York Stock Exchange. Flanked by NYSE Chairman and CEO Richard Grasso and NYSE President William Johnston, Jiang did the official ringing-in for Friday's session.

And like puppies in a pet store window, the Streeters below were on their best capitalism-is-good-clean-fun behavior: the Dow closed up 60 after a particularly unexciting session. Try it, Jiang. Maybe you'll like it.