On Top of The Covers

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The gap widens. Last week's MNF x 2 coup left L.I. Slim with a six-game lead on Kansas City--and an abiding faith in da Bears. So he likes Wannstedt at home, and getting three, against the tattered 'Skins. He's also high on the Buccaneers reversing their three-game slide, covering in the process. And as for the Pack, ten is just too much to give in chilly Lambeau. Take the Lions.

Special bonus pick: Slim is perfectly willing to ride those wonderful Steelers as far as Kordell Stewart cares to take them. Underdogs? On Monday night? It's like stealing. The picks:

Ravens (+5) over JETS: O'Donnell will crack under Parcells' heel.
Dolphins (+2) over BILLS: Don't the Bills stink this year?
Patriots (pick) over VIKINGS: Beat me again, Norse bastards.
PANTHERS (-3) over Raiders: Remembering the wildcard.
BENGALS (pick) over Chargers: Slim loves a loser.
Rams (+3) over FALCONS: Just can't bet with Dan Reeves.
Bucs (-4.5) over COLTS: Not this loser.
49ERS (-6.5) over Cowboys: Put the 'Boys to bed.
BRONCOS (-9) over Seahawks: Last chance to cover, Elway.
OILERS (+2) over Jags: Oilers are sending my kids to college.
BEARS (+3) over Redskins: On a roll.
Eagles (-4) over CARDINALS: Last week convinced me.
Lions (+10) over PACKERS: A close one.

And on MNF,

Steelers: (+3) over Chiefs Both Slim and the Steelers rule MNF.

Mired in a slump that makes the Colts look good, the only thing that's left is for the KC Line to go back to his roots. You know, old-time gambling. A return to the days where real NFL players were proud to have no teeth, the forward pass was viewed as a questionable innovation, and the AFL was just an itch in Lamar Hunt's pants. Under those conditions, these picks of teams from the NFL's red-meat days are a lock: Take the Barry Sanders' Lions and 10 points against a Packers team that can't stop the run. Take the Redskins minus three against the Bears. And for God's sake, don't ever pick the Cardinals again after last week's debacle-- take the Eagles and give four points.

The complete picks:

JETS (-5) over Ravens
Dolphins (+2) over BILLS
VIKINGS (pick) over Patriots
PANTHERS (-3) over Raiders
Chargers (pick) over BENGALS
Rams (+3) over FALCONS
Bucs (-4.5) over COLTS
Cowboys (-6.5) over 49'ERS
Seahawks (+9) over BRONCOS
OILERS (+2) over Jags
Redskins (-3) over BEARS
Eagles (-4) over CARDINALS
Lions (+10) over PACKERS <
CHIEFS (+3) over Steelers