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When Alan Greenspan speaks, the market trembles. Today, though, he sought to soothe the jitters (TIME Daily)

  • Hong Kong's stock market, which began this week's global slide, was on a new high Wednesday (TIME Daily)

  • Clinton and Jiang discuss the three T's during a cozy White House chat (TIME Daily)

  • Why did Nelson Mandela stop by Colonel Ghadafi's for the second time in a week (TIME Daily)?

  • Should the Paula Jones case go to litigation, the President will see some familiar faces in court: Jones' attorneys have subpoenaed Gennifer Flowers (TIME Daily)

  • Jury deliberations continue in the murder trial of a British au pair (Reuters)

  • The biggest winner from Wall Street's Correction '97 may well be online trading (TIME Daily)

  • And Wednesday's anti-China protests would have Marx spinning in the ground (TIME Daily)