Travolta Blasts Germany

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Screen star John Travolta has accused the German government of discriminating against his religion, reports People Daily. Travolta told a mass rally of Scientologists in Berlin protesting Germany's tough stance on their group that there was no excuse for governments to discriminate against religious bodies.

"Scientology is our religion," Travolta said in a video message taped in Los Angeles where he is working on a new film. "It has helped us a lot, as it has helped so many others around the world."

Police said there were up to 3,000 demonstrators at the rally on Monday, while Scientology organizers put the size of the crowd at 6,500. The group had hoped Travolta, one of the Los Angeles-based religion's most prominent disciples, would personally attend the demonstration. Two other celebrity Scientologists "Fatal Attraction" actress Anne Archer and "Shaft" composer Isaac Hayes joined the protest march through the streets of Berlin.

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