Baseball: Trophy Marlins

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Watch closely, baseball fans, for this team is the future: The Florida Marlins, who didn't exist five years ago, and who could well have a new owner and manager next year, have won the World Series. What the Fish lack in traditional baseball values (such as a real stadium, a minor league system, and a dedicated fan base) they made up for with their sharp play in during the series, especially a superb 3-2, 11-inning win in Game 7. Top of the World, Florida at least for this year.

Now that baseball's over, other sports (thank Pete Rozelle) come to center stage. Lessons we learned from Week 9: Maybe Tampa Bay isn't as good as everyone thought. Maybe Cincinnati isn't as bad. And never, ever bet on a rookie quarterback to save the Arizona Cardinals.

So with a slightly freakish two MNF games to go (thanks to the 'Occupied' sign on Pro Player Stadium yesterday) L.I. Slim has stretched his lead over Kansas City to four games, by virtue of a bloody 7-5 showing (17-8 overall). KC comes in at an Astros-like 6-6 to move his tally to 13-12.

To close, a headline you always expected you'd see: "Charles Barkley arrested for throwing man through bar window."